giovedì 6 novembre 2014

ACDSeries 01.01 - Stella Mattutina by Zone Démersale

Aconito Records is back with the Digital Series 01, presenting the first episode of this series. Zone Démersale is an italian duo, featured by Michele Ferretti and Pietro Riparbelli. The duo is now presenting their debut on the label with a 4 tracks EP, an ambient voyage with smooth techno incursions. The objective of Stella Mattutina is to describe a particular mystic and spiritual walk, where the subject starts from a contemplation of the cosmos to the most distant deepness of ourselves. The voyage bring as from the whole brightest consciousness to the emptiness of the purest dimension of the being.


1- Aurora
2- Metamorfosi del Vento
3- Il Viandante
4- Notte del Mondo


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