giovedì 19 gennaio 2012

AC007LTD – Marília EP – nAX_Acid out in February

Side A1 - 5 October 1971 - nAX_acid                                 
Side A2 - Chondrite H4 - nAX_Acid | Claudio PRC

Side B - Marília - nAX_Acid

Aconito Records has re-entered the atmosphere with its seventh release, Marília, formed by label founder nAX_acid and featuring specialized research from Claudio PRC. The stormy, blue-colored vinyl begins with nAX's ambient recollection of the events of 5 October 1971. Under piercing dark lights, Claudio joins the examination of Chondrite H4, and together the two artists identify reverberated tones that skip across pools of synthetic psychedelics. On the flip nAX is alone again, tracking the asteroid Marilia. Its shrieking downward trajectory creates long-range audio disturbances that dissolve into static in the record's final moments.

Words by Patty

Early Support from: Marcel Dettmann, Rich Hawtin, Cio D’Or, AnD (Horizontal Ground), Paris One, Bryan Zentz (Plus8), Arnaud Le Texier, Tom Bonaty (Prologue), Audio Injection, Jeff Derringer, Forward Strategy Group, Dimi Angelis (Smallville), Dino Sabatini, Giorgio Gigli, 88uw, Eric Cloutier, Patrick Schutz (Groove Magazine), Inigo Kennedy / Asymmetric, Bleed (DeBug), Anton Banks, Cedrik, Obtane.

Marília Preview

martedì 3 gennaio 2012

Aconito Records, Turin 5/1/2012.. you can't stop the music...

The music don't stop, you can try but it won't. Aconito Records meets Vision in Turin for an exclusive night on the 5th of January. The night is been moved to the OFFICINE CORSARE (Via Pallavicino 35, Torino). An After Party will follow @ Acua (Murazzi del Po, right side)

Line Up:
Dani T

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