giovedì 6 novembre 2014

ACDSeries 00.10 - Exploring Planet x by Ink

The Digital Series is back with the 10th and last episode. Aconito Records presents the debut solo Ep of a young artist of the label, Ink, collaborating with it since the early ages in “The Achromorphe” (Cat num. AC006LTD), with a track in collaboration with the label owner, nAX_Acid. The release will include 4 tracks characterizing he's own style and imprint. The Ep is an exploration journey to discover unknown and mysterious lands both outside and inside ourselves, that reminds the Argonauts' venture. The sounds express the emotions of fear and anguish of these modern Argonauts facing an alien environment.


1- Unknown Land
2- Amygdaloid Voices / On the Threshold
3- Underworld Jungle
4- The ancient being is dancing in your mind


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