giovedì 6 novembre 2014

ACDSeries 01.01 - Stella Mattutina by Zone Démersale

Aconito Records is back with the Digital Series 01, presenting the first episode of this series. Zone Démersale is an italian duo, featured by Michele Ferretti and Pietro Riparbelli. The duo is now presenting their debut on the label with a 4 tracks EP, an ambient voyage with smooth techno incursions. The objective of Stella Mattutina is to describe a particular mystic and spiritual walk, where the subject starts from a contemplation of the cosmos to the most distant deepness of ourselves. The voyage bring as from the whole brightest consciousness to the emptiness of the purest dimension of the being.


1- Aurora
2- Metamorfosi del Vento
3- Il Viandante
4- Notte del Mondo


ACDSeries 00.10 - Exploring Planet x by Ink

The Digital Series is back with the 10th and last episode. Aconito Records presents the debut solo Ep of a young artist of the label, Ink, collaborating with it since the early ages in “The Achromorphe” (Cat num. AC006LTD), with a track in collaboration with the label owner, nAX_Acid. The release will include 4 tracks characterizing he's own style and imprint. The Ep is an exploration journey to discover unknown and mysterious lands both outside and inside ourselves, that reminds the Argonauts' venture. The sounds express the emotions of fear and anguish of these modern Argonauts facing an alien environment.


1- Unknown Land
2- Amygdaloid Voices / On the Threshold
3- Underworld Jungle
4- The ancient being is dancing in your mind


venerdì 1 agosto 2014


ACSeed 3 – The Sixth Entrance to the Underworld

Aconito Records presents the third episode of the Seed Series, Seed 3 The Sixth Entrance to the Underworld. The record will include 2 original tracks from the Japanese artist Hironori Takahashi, already collaborating with the label. The artist presenting his style again with 2 deep techno tracks, drones and metallic atmospheres are the driving essence of the 2 tracks, both working for the dancefloor. Nax_Acid as well presenting his own vision of Orgaza, with a broken beat electronica track with brighter melodies and atmosphere, with deep rhythmical driven basses.

Track List:

A1. Hironori Takahashi – The Ancient Gate

B1. Hironori Takahashi – Lake Acheron
B2. nAX_Acid (Lights in the Underground Remix) - Orgaza

Available Here:

Juno Records UK

lunedì 12 maggio 2014

ACDSeries 00.09 - Lmnts by Kuroi

Aconito Records presents the 9th episode of the Digital Series introducing to the label a new artist from Madrid Spain, Kuroi. The EP is an experiment of techno, different from the usual taste of the artist. Synths and modulations bring to life an electronic and more mental vision of techno, with aggressive and dense atmospheres.


1- Kuroi - TX Intro
2- Kuroi - TL 01
3- Kuroi - TL 02
4- Kuroi - TX Outro

giovedì 6 febbraio 2014



Aconito Records presents the second episode of the Seed Series, Seed 2 Eleusinian Mysteries. The record will include two original techno tracks with a big return on the label, Francesco Baudazzi aka Obtane, coming back with his birth name and an exclusive remix by the label chief nAX_Acid. Obtane presents his new sound that differs from his productions on Zooloft and his earlier releases, providing a more concrete techno sound, keeping his experimental taste. The release includes also a special artwork from the italian artist Joo aka Giole Bertin.

Track List:

A – Francesco Baudazzi aka Obtane – Tanaerum

B1 – Francesco Baudazzi aka Obtane – Cerberus Swamp
B2 – nAX_Acid – Cerberus Swamp (Hades Way Remix)