lunedì 27 giugno 2011

AC006LTD - The Achromorphe on TODAY

Today The Achromorphe is out digitally to download on

The Achromorphe @

mercoledì 11 maggio 2011

AC006LTD - The Achromorphe

I have to say sorry to everyone for the delay, but wasn't expected. Anyway The Achromorphe is OUT NOW finally!!!!!

giovedì 31 marzo 2011

AC006LTD - The Achromorphe is OUT on the 4th of APRIL - Few Feedbacks Here

The Achromorphe by nAX_Acid | Ink | Obtane | Claudio PRC is going to be out this Monday. After all the hard work from all the artists here's few feedbacks we have received. More to come......


  • Anderson Noise : very good!!!
  • Laurent Garnier: moody darkness – I like that
  • Ali Wells (Kompakt/Drumcode/Perc): Great realease, all three tracks are strong. 02 is my favourite. Quality.
  • Stephane Chatellard (Plak Records): Obtane & Claudio is just……. EPIC! This is a nice techno trip! Perfect late night anthem.
  • Brendom Moeller: awesome!
  • Lucy Mortellaro: Obtane & Claudio PRC... straight into my Groove chart.
  • Angel Molina (Sonar/Tresor): Dark and Futuristic techno, very welcome. nAX_Acid & Ink version my fave track on this EP.
  • Rob Hubbert (Loose Synths): Wow. Love this alot. Would love to find out more about the label and the artists!

martedì 1 marzo 2011

AC006LTD - The Achromorphe

The new release is ready.. the date is the 4th of April.... It's dark and industrial..... here a little teaser for you....


transmission ending.......

lunedì 17 gennaio 2011

AC005LTD - Hironori Takashi - Gaia's Archetype OUT on JUNODOWLOAD

Today is out AC005LTD on Junodownload one week exclusive...

Here's the link:


martedì 11 gennaio 2011

AC005LTD - Hironori Takashi - Gaia's Archetype on Digital Soon

the release will be out digitally soon for the digital lovers, on Junodownload 1 week exclusive on the 17th of January and Boomkat and Beatport will follow......................