domenica 11 agosto 2013


The seed series is the first Limited edition vinyl only series of Aconito Records. It will include 5 releases including works and music from the artist collaborating more actively with the label at the moment. The name of the series is inspired by the myth of Hercules. During one of his deeds the hero was pooling out the door of the Ade the three head dogs guarding the door. The irate dog frothing at the mouth was spreading on the ground his saliva, containing the seeds that gave origin to the well known poisonous flower, the Aconite.
The Seed 1 is the first record of the series. It presents 3 dark techno tracks from Alessio Pili and nAX_Acid (one collaboration from the 2 artist and a solo track from Alessio Pili) including also a remix from Milton Bradley. Darkness, drones and experiments are the icon of the record, creating a driving techno atmosphere. The release will include a special artwork from a Roman artist, “Trash Secco”, representing also visually the sound of the record.

A1 – Alessio Pili & nAX_Acid – Uchronox (Original Mix)
B1 – Alessio Pili – Anachronox (Original Mix)
B2 – Alessio Pili & nAX_Acid – Uchronox (Milton Bradley Remix)
Played and Supported by: Marco Bailey, DVS1, Oscar Mulero, Inigo Kennedy, Truncate, Tadeo, Jonas Kopp, Cio D’Or, Exium, Max_M, Electric Indigo, Kirk Degiorgio, Angel Alanis, Raiz, Paul Boex, Obtane, Claudio Prc, Juho Kusti, Ness, Aiken, Joton, Thomas Hessler, Synthek, Krenzlin, Deepbass, MTD and more.

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