sabato 18 dicembre 2010

AC005LTD - Hironori Takashi - Gaia's Archetype

As summer falls away, Aconito Records rises again with more experimental sound designs and deep atmospheres on this new limited-edition record, Gaia's Archetype. Featured here are two productions by Hironori Takahashi of Japan, as well as an edit from label owner Nax_Acid. Inspired by the emotions he discovered at Japan's 'Metamorphose' open-air festival, Hironori wished to express feelings of contrasting unity - light and dark, human and nature - in his music.

'Outgass' is an emotional journey filled with soft clicks and glitches. Drenched in organic warmth, the main focus is the oriental melody, which meets with ethereal synths, rising, intensifying, and warming the atmosphere like the first lights of sunrise.
While 'Outgass' might summon visions of meditative sea-side lounges, 'Serv' finds its home deep within the earth, on pitch-black subterranean dance-floors. The rhythms are sharper and more insistent, with swirling clouds of noise and sinister vocal sample... this is tribal underground dance music from the future.

Nax_Acid's 'Outgass' edit immediately dives into wind-swept hypnosis, melting the rising chords from the original version into subtle droning polyrhythms. Added to this is Nax's unique syncopated percussion and a fuzzy, nostalgic melody that floats across the soundscape.

Words of Brian Patty


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Free Track to Download:

Hironori Takahashi - Kyres

Few Feedback:

Tom Bonaty: really a hypno bomb on Aconito ! I will play a lot !

Len Faky: Serve is my favourite, well done dark viby track!

Mike Durcak: nice record! the nAX_Acid souns great. Thanks!

Seb Agoria: good release! fresh and old school at the same time. I like how he refresh what could be an old 808state. will chart it.

Laurent Garnier: cool organic moody techno.

Rene Josquin: like Outgass. epic storytelling. the remix tries the same but doesn't hold the level. Serve is to direct for me.

Troy Pierce: Outgass remix is my favorite but the oher tracks are good as well..

Derek Taylor: both mixes of Outgass are amazing. got to go with the original though. the nAX_Acid remix is a lovely break mix while the original is a nice early set track.

Sian: nice silky midnight techno.

Nick Luscombe: Outgass is ace - brilliant mix of sounds.