giovedì 2 agosto 2012

Alessio Pili - How The Few Control The Many OUT NOW

The third episode of the digital series is presented by Alessio Pili, who previously created “DGT is Shit” in 2009. “How the Few Control the Many” is inspired from Asimov and Philip Dick's science fiction works from the 60’s onwards. A cyberpunk atmosphere is the key of the EP, driving the imagination to an apocalyptic industrial future.

Played and Supported by Norman Nodge, Dimi Angelis, Angel Moilna, AnD, Unbalance, Submerge, Electric Indigo, 88uw, Ness, Richie Hawtin, Jonas Kopp, Leo Anibaldi, Anderson Noise, Javier Orduna, Mattias Fridell, Andrea Ferlin, Colin Bain, Fabrizio Lapiana, Pepe Arcade, Conrad Van Orton, Deepbass, Obtane, Joton, Paul Boex, Violet Poison, NX1, Thomas Hessler, Jamie Morris, Hd Substance, Mas Teeveh, Xpansul, Peder, Logotech and more.


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